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Salaries range from $30,000 - $40,000




St. Mary's University - Twin Cities


Two years

Becoming Certified to Teach

  • Overview
  • What type of financial support is provided to pay the certification cost?
  • Is it possible to complete a master's degree at the end of the two years?
  • Is a master's degree required?
  • Which universities do you partner with?

Our corps members earn their certification and Master's through St. Mary's University - Twin Cities.

Traditional student loans are available to any student matriculated in a degree program and enrolled in 6 or more credits in a semester. It is your choice to pursue loan funding or not.

There are also AmeriCorps financial benefits and transitional grants and loans which you’ll learn more about in the admissions process.

Yes, but it requires additional coursework. Most corps members complete their master's degree in the year following their two-year commitment.


St. Mary's University - Twin Cities.

Placement School Locations

Subjects And Grade Levels

  • Elementary
  • Science
  • English Language Learner

Placement info based on the 2016 cohort. The 2017 cohort may differ in subject placement according to needs of school partners, certification partner, and qualification of our corps members.

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What's Left Over
Ongoing Certification Costs
You may be able to offset ongoing certification costs with an AmeriCorps education award. Learn more.
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